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Project: Nest - Multifamily

Address: 4073 Albatross St. Hillcrest,

San Diego

Size: 15,000 Gross SF

Units: 13 Apartments

BuilderOwner Builder

StrategyCompleted 2019 / Build & Hold / Sold 2021

Nest is a dense multifamily community in a quite enclave walking distance to two of San Diego’s most desirable urban centers, Downtown Hillcrest and Downtown Mission Hills. The design incorporates traditional detached walk-up floorplans housing types, bungalow flats and townhomes, and stacks them vertically to achieve the “I’m home” feel alongside panoramic perched views. Nest exceeds city requirements by featuring a 500 SF outdoor entry courtyard and 100% of the units have expansive indoor/outdoor living. The project contributes to workforce housing in the neighborhood by offering floor plans smaller and more efficient than nearby luxury apartments, at a fraction of the cost.

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